FOSS Responders

Need help?

COVID-19 is impacting the open source industry in many ways. If you or your community has been impacted, please let us know. We are actively looking for ways to help. Help may come in many forms such as advice on how to cancel and negotiate your event contracts, how to managed digital events, and individual or organizational financial support.

I need financial or other help because an event was cancelled

We had to cancel our event and we need financial aid

We need people to help us organize or respond

Have something else you need? Please open an issue on GitHub or join our Slack. If you’d rather email than open a GitHub issue, please feel free to contact us at

We Can Give Help

That’s great!

If you are in a position to give help via funding, you are encouraged to use our OpenCollective to donate. Their system allows us to ensure transparency and access for all.

We will also make sure to thank each and everyone helping!



What else should be here? Get in touch


What else should be here? Get in touch.


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Open source software depends upon real-world interactions just as much as it does on code. With the alarming spread of the Coronavirus, the open source ecosystem is being affected in enormously impactful ways. This site is one of many efforts to help.

It started as an organic movement led by Duane O’Brien (, Megan Byrd-Sanicki (Google), and others. We’re open to all who can help out!

Who we are

FOSS Responders is an open source, open project. Anyone can jump in and work on it. It is entirely volunteer run. Right now, we’re in particular need of funders, designers, and people to spread the word.

Some of the companies where our volunteers work (but may or may not be representing their company) include:

Other Efforts

While not dedicated entirely to open source, here are some other programs that need help


If you have questions, take a look at our FAQ. This will grow as more people ask questions and we their responses to it.

Our public email for any inquiries or comments is